miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

conversation beauty shop


ERIKA: good morning, i have an appointment with Karen for a manicure.
ANGELIK: good morning, come in she was waiting you
KAREN: Hi erika nice to see you again, how have you been?
very well thanks, now I come for a manicure that I really need it.
KAREN: Ok let me see, what color would you like today?
ERIKA: I want something dark, like a red or purple.                                                                       ISIDRO: good morning Miss need a haircut please.
ANGELIK: Sure, come in and take a seat.                                                                                   ANGELIK:
what type of cut do you want?
ISIDRO: I would like lowered and with the scissors in the top not too short.       
ANGELIK: oh my god, sr has not been realize that has gum stuck in your hair?
ISIDRO: What?  a gum? is not possible.                                                       
KAREN: What`s going on angelica?                                                           
ANGELIK: the gentleman has a gum in her hair and i didn´t know how to remove.
KAREN: let me see, isn`t very stuck i think we can remove it easily.               
ISIDRO: i don´t know how could this append, maybe it was a joke of my nephews.
 ERIKA: i`ve heard that with some ice can be removed.                                
ANGELIK: is a good idea, i`ll bring some ice.                                                    
ISIDRO: i`m so embarrassed I'm making it work harder. better back later as I was remove the gum.ANGELIK: no sir, let me help you and cut his hair later it's no trouble.                                 
KAREN: so erika tell me how are you going with preparations for your wedding, you get the place to the party?                                                                                                                             
ERIKA: . oh, yeah. The wedding will be on the beach in San Carlos we decided it the last week. Of course you are invited with your family.                                                                                 KAREN: thank you, will be an honor to be with you that day, and the dress Already they sent him?                                                                                                                                                      ERIKA: actually it has to come this week, i can`t wait to see it completed.                        
ANGELIK: ready, i finish to remove all the gum.                                                                 
ISIDRO: thank you very much. These children are so naughty.

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